Monday, January 19, 2009

Bento #9

This was a very rushed last minute bento. Was very inspired after checking out Bento Fun, admiring all the lovely stuff she did for her little boy, and my girl thought the quail eggs were really cute. I knew I had those edible ink markers but couldn't locate them anywhere in the house. Thinking back, I might have thrown them out few months' ago when there wasn't much ink left. %l

In any case, she's not tried quail eggs before, but I knew she won't like them, as she only eats omelette and nothing else. True enough, she came home and the first thing she said was that she didn't like the eggs, cos they were too egg-y. Haha!

In this bento, I made Cinamaroll-shaped rice, although I didn't have time to make it look like her, just had time to do eyes and mouth. :P

There are some grapes, cucumber slices, quail eggs, brownie which sis brought back from Perth, and some seaweed wrapped fishpaste with shredded carrots which I fried.


Angeleyes said...

Hey! Thanks for dropping by!

I think not all kids like hard boiled eggs... my boy is starting to be very picky these days so it is a huge headache for me when I prepare bento for him. Now he likes sunny side up so I have to think along that line when I want to have eggs in his bento!

I hardly pack any bento these past weeks as I have been really bz... coz I also run a home biz selling cupcakes ( and also try to do a little CNY cookies.

See lar.... over ambitious! :P

Maya Yunos said...

Looking at the the wonderful bentos you prepared, I often wonder....when will I get to make these too? :P I'm lazy when it comes to garnishing food for my own consumption. I like to cook, decorate and garnish for others. I guess I should try making these when my nieces and nephew come over. They are so gonna love it!! I need to get some bento boxes first :)

Miz Young said...

haha too egg-y? cute girl! The boys also don't really like egg yolks but strangely they love quails eggs... maybe it's small and cute, I don't really know lol

I'd like to try the seaweed wrapped fishpaste soon though, it looks quite interesting!

SIG said...

Angeleyes - Hi there, thanks for stopping by yourself. :) Mine doesn't like sunny side up or anything with yolk and white separated. Haha! Everything has to be mixed together into an omelette. Will hop on over to check out your biz website. :)

maya - Oh ya, same here, I would never do something like that for myself. Haha! Where go time?! Yes, but you should make them for your little ones when they come over. They'd be delighted. Daiso has some.

Miz Young - Ya, I thought small right, maybe it's cute she might try, but oh well. Well, in any case, it's good that she is trying lotus paste, she doesn't usually like mushy stuff, but I guess it's sweet that's why. So the other night at dinner, I told her the yam paste tastes like lian rong and she was game to try and actually said it was yummy. Haha! Ya, do try that seaweed thingy since your boys love seaweed too.