Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fish farm

Had a lovely afternoon with cousin and nephew. We've not seen each other in months and it was great to catch up. Both the kids were excited and looking forward to the outing. We had lunch at Ikea Tampines and then left the two of them to have fun in the play area for an hour while the both of us went shopping. It's been ages since I last set foot in Ikea and I even bumped into an ex-choirmate. :) She was relaxing, having sent her girl off to school, and having lunch and enjoying her free time. How nice. :D

After the play hour was up, cousin drove us to a nearby fish farm to feed the koi. She bought a packet of fish food for $3 and we went about to all the individual ponds feeding them. It was great fun for our city kids. :) We even had a fright once when a little black fish jumped out of the water in greed and found itself in trouble. We had to get help from one of the staff there who took a big scoop and hoisted the poor fish back into the pond. :)

From there, nephew had to proceed to swim class so we were given a lift to Parkway where we had a light dinner and then I promised princess I would give her an ice-cream treat, to make up for being a bad mummy and accidentally closing the car door on her tiny fingers. :(

So she asked to try the durian one but didn't like it. In the end she picked chocolate after testing like 3 flavours! And I was attracted to this avocado which was really nice. Decided to get a scoop of it for myself to enjoy. ;)


Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes, very fun for little kids, but got to say I love it too. LOL!

petite fleur said...

Ouch ! Door against fingers. Ouch.

I'm just amazed at how fascinated children are with feeding animals - whether they be fish, horses or even snails.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i love feeding kois...i guess i am still a kid at heart huh? ^_^