Thursday, October 9, 2008

Seaweed Chicken

For HK -

This is the seaweed chicken which my girl absolutely loves but I try to give her as little as possible. It's not that unhealthy the way I cook it, which is to bake them in the oven, but really, what I dislike is the fat within. I don't remember them being so fatty when it was first in the market. It tastes quite horrible sometimes, as I do not like the idea of chewing on all that fat.


HK Choo said...

WOW, thanks pal...lemme go check the supermarket aisle if I can spot them, hahah...prolly it is around, just that I wasn't aware of it.

Can try to make it on your own??

SIG said...

hk - Yes, do check. I guess can make own lah but too lazy. Hehe. I did think of it though, maybe one day. ;)

Miz Young said...

ohhhh the boys also like this seaweed chicken. They have another type - chicken wrapped in beancurd skin, that's also nice!

SIG said...

miz young - This is so popular they sell it at pasar malam even. I know there's the beancurd skin one and many others right?

sohcool said...

I agree with you. When it first appeared in the market, there was less fats. I like them too.
I remembered my mom got them from the wet market. So not sure if they all came from the same supplier.
Maybe you should write a feedback to the company. hee

SIG said...

sohcool - You think so too??? Gosh I thought I was being sensitive. Aiyoh if their biz is roaring, why would they listen to this small consumer?