Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rich Orange Cake

The picture above doesn't really do the cake justice. As you can see from photo, there's a little portion in the middle where the cake didn't cook too well. But believe me, this cake is heavenly. I had some oranges in the fridge which have been there for quite some time, so this morning, I thought of baking something simple and which needed minimum ingredients, as well as, using the stuff I already have at home. This (Bee Lian's Rich Orange Cake from Allrecipes) fitted the bill perfectly. I followed the recipe mostly, but I substituted the flour for cake flour, adding a tsp of baking powder and half tsp of baking soda. I also used half a tsp of orange essence.

The result? A super light & fluffy cake, very very yummy. I wonder if it's because of the change of flour that made it fluffy, as most of the comments indicated that it was a moist and dense cake. It is slightly moist. I'll be making more of these, definitely!


HK Choo said...

Wah, two cakes in a day?! That's very hard-working :)

daphne said...

i do like citrus cakes like that. Wouldnt mind having a bite of it for afternoon tea-I'm at work now and would really like a bite of cake!

SIG said...

hk choo - It's not two cakes in a day. It was two different days but only published together. The bun fillings usual lah - hotdog, otah. I prefer savoury filling for bread, unless if it's chocolate. ;)

daphne - You will love this one. Go on, try it this weekend.