Monday, October 20, 2008

Chilli Seafood Pasta

So much has happened in the past week which left me all drained and really no energy to blog. I just wanted to challenge my brains in 'word challenge' and take care of a virtual pet in 'pet society' in FB and basically just switch myself off from the real world. Hopefully this week will be better for me and I can have some free time to myself to relax and do my own stuff, all 9hrs of it! Yes, I have packed little one off to full day school for a week so I can recover myself.

So well, here I am finding a little alone time while girl has gone to sleep and realized I have this from last week, which I wanted to post earlier.

This mee hoon kueh is from Qiu Lian Ban Mian at Parkway and it's the stall I go to 8 times out of 10 when I have my meals there. My girl has caught on to my taste and she loves this too, and customers of this stall can tell you, that the portion is mega big so we usually share the one bowl.

I also tried this for dinner last week after reading about it through Daphne. It was very yummy and hubby loved it too. I used crab meat, prawns and sliced fish, yellow capsicum and fresh basil, and paired it with angelhair. Delicious!


armand said...

What a great one pot dish idea! haha. Wonder if I can make a similar dish at home.. hmm

daphne said...

^5! That packet sauce is so versatile!

And that is the exact ban mien that I HAVE to have every year when I'm back. I buy mine frm a foodcourt in Bishan though.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hey Deb, watch a drama lah! LOL! Just finished Smiling Pasta, this drama seem to put a smile on my face while watching it. :)

Love the chili crab pasta, must be really good!

Big Boys Oven said...

yes yes I agree with you, tyour dish looks delicious.
Sorry for drop[ping by lately adue to work, work and work, hope you are fine. May see you in december as we will be in Sg.

SIG said...

armand - Of course you can! ;P

daphne - Haha! We love that mian. But most times eat bee hoon. :)

lcom - Watched wei xiao pasta already lah. I prefer Korean to Taiwanese. :) Do u get the chilli crab paste there too? If yes, try it. Yummy.

bbo - Don't worry about it. We are all busy. ;) Oh cool, ya let me know, are you conducting a class in Singapore?

sohcool said...

What a great idea. I actually have a box at home now and have no idea what to do with it. Will try it someday.

tigerfish said...

Ya ya...the Prima chili crab is so good for pasta gravy right? Now you don't have to go to restaurants to have fusion pasta dishes :)

SIG said...

sohcool - Yes, A, try it try it. :)

tigerfish - Ya, exactly! Haha!