Sunday, October 19, 2008


Let sleeping dogs lie...

This sleeping dog was rudely woken by an extremely loud noise at 7am and let me tell you, she wasn't a happy one, having fallen asleep only at 2am. It lasted approximately 10-15mins. The noise level was merely a decibel below the Formula 1 cars. She immediately got out of bed, washed up, changed and went downstairs to hunt down whoever was responsible, to give him a piece of her mind. I mean this is ridiculous, on a Sunday morning at 7am??!!!

Well, she did find the man, but having missed him the first time she spotted him, as he was without his guilty weapon (a mega powerful vacuum), she had to find out from a cleaner as to what the noise was. When she did, she chased the supervisor around and gave him a good thrashing! But what's the use? Her sleep has been disturbed and she can't go back to bed now. So that's why she is venting her frustration here.

The town council, if you're reading this, please get this straight... I am not going to be disturbed from my sleep at 7am so that my block can participate in some 'cleanest block' contest! How does it benefit me? All I can say is sleep isn't it! I also have a suggestion for this contest - have a time period say over 3 months and spot checks are done during this time and then a winner is decided upon. What's the use of doing the one-time cleanup to determine the winner on the very day itself? Everyone will be scrambling to get their blocks as clean as possible! What kind of a competition would that be? And meanwhile, we have to live with dirty lifts or lobbies and rubbish collection areas etc on a daily basis??? This very much resembles our education system where we are graded over one single paper for each subject and then judged if we are smart or dumb. Well, what can we say... welcome to Singapore.

And since I am on the subject of noise, I think that it should be mandatory for all car owners to attend some course on learning to switch off their car alarms and not let it play on like some music blasting from the radio. That is what we get most mornings and our flat being right beside the car park doesn't help things.


paw paw said...

Wow Weeee!!
F-I-E-R-C-E !!!
I - Like !

Sweet Jasmine said...

Yeah! give these no brain people a piece of your mind for disturbance of peace.

Beau Lotus said...

You hit it spot on, poor you - but it'll not bring you your sleep back. Hope you had a siesta in the afternoon.