Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some free time

Last week was busy for me as hubby was away, so while little girl was in full-day school, I wasn't having it easy either. My arthritis has been acting up pretty bad and I had to insist on an appointment with the doc. Whatever it took, I just had to make them squeeze me in as my appointment wasn't due till 18 Nov. I couldn't wait that long or I couldn't function otherwise.

While I was battling joint pains the week before hubby's holiday trip, little one suddenly caught the flu bug and it took a week to clear. She was very miserable throughout, as she wasn't able to go school for 3 days; missed ballet class; and worse of all, a birthday party, and that burden was passed on to me. She really got on my nerves every second mummy this and mummy that and just wouldn't leave me alone. All these were additional stress thrust upon me and by Sunday I couldn't take it anymore, I just had to get out. Told hubby I needed a few hours off, and went to have a nice lunch with mum. I definitely was ready to get rid of the two of them by Monday morning. :D

What was meant to be a relaxing week, in which I was supposed to have more time to myself, turned out to be the opposite. Not only were there the joint pains to reckon with, my having to pick up little one from school every evening (as the school buses were filled to the brim and thus they couldn't take her on) made things worse. But really, from what I learn from the school administrator, that wasn't the case. I guess the bus company just didn't want to put themselves out, and besides I offended them once recently when I insisted that my girl was changed to another bus where the driver didn't smoke in it. Reluctantly, after threats by me, they changed her. So now I have to pay for that.

So I did manage to see the doc on Tuesday and was given a jab. However, a new problem presented itself in the right knee and it didn't help, that I needed to climb the stairs up the overhead bridge every evening on the way to school. I was in such pain, and it was really weird considering I had just had a jab two days prior. So all in, it wasn't a good week for me at all.

However, the week ended off rather well with a visit to the cinema to catch the premiere of High School Musical 3 on Friday and hubby was home early Saturday morning. There was then grandma's birthday dinner (where I made a mess of my marshmallow cake given that I didn't have enough time to chill it). But everyone was nice about it and called it a pudding cake. Well, at least they didn't spit it out.

And I made another marshmallow cake for B's birthday bbq on Sunday and made sure I had plenty of hours to chill it. I couldn't afford to embarrass myself in front of a whole lot of people (not family this time). And am glad it turned out well, and the birthday boy was happy. :) But I have learnt too, that cakes like these and bbqs do not go hand-in-hand as they melt easily in the heat and humidity. I have also learnt not to use sliced pineapples in it else is difficult to cut and messes up the cake. On top of the cake, I made a portion of chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache as I didn't think the main cake was big enough, and although KY said there's not that many people at the bbq, there were LOADS!

So I spent the whole of Sunday basically in the kitchen till it was time to leave for KY's. We didn't have lunch so I made some curry puffs with dough and fillings leftover from during the week, and ready hardboiled eggs from baby C's one-month-old cake box. They don't look very pretty as I am bad at pleating them, but who cares once they taste yummy, right? ;) I must make sure I buy a curry puff mould soon. Princess, who doesn't eat curry, loved it and said, 'I love mummy's curry puff'. Awww.... :D

Will type out the recipe when I have time again, but meanwhile need to take a walk down to the market to buy some fishballs for soup tonight. And incidentally, dinner's cooking itself in the magic pot so that's saved me some time today. ;)


Jori said...

Sorry to hear your arthritis has been acting up. I hope the jabs you got will help ease some of the pain you are having.

I'm sure your cakes were wonderful, too! You are amazing to take the time to do all of that when you aren't feeling well.

Miz Young said...

lol enjoyed reading that blog entry....

there weren't loads of people la, just felt that way coz of the small space left after the previous bbq-ers plonked themselves at one of the tables!! But see, there were still left-over cake so the cake was big enough, dear! And yes, thank you very much for the cake AND the cupcakes, you're an angel! *mwah!

Hope your pains vanishes soon... at times like these, I wish there was a magic pill to help you :(

SIG said...

jori - Tks dear. Yes, it's helped a little. Feel slightly better today compared to the past few days. Well, you know, a promise is a promise, and I can't disappoint people, 2 very special people in my life. Well, I did think of buying a cake for grandma but we really didn't have the extra time to go and pick one up. Sigh.

miz young - It was loads! My bbqs are not even half the number you invited. Oh yes, those ppl were really inconsiderate. Oh well. But hello, you had two big boxes of cakes from cbtl too that's why had leftovers. :P I really wish there is a magic pill too. :(

ganache-ganache said...

Hope you r well now ?
That curry puff sure looks yummy, such a thin crust !

SIG said...

ganache-ganache - Ya tks, but see because it's so thin, the fillings were bursting out. I need one of those moulds like you have. ;)

tina said...

My dear, go and get yourself some glucosamine. I take it and it helps with joint pains. A brief extract from wikipedia - Oral glucosamine is commonly used for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Since glucosamine is a precursor for glycosaminoglycans, and glycosaminoglycans are a major component of joint cartilage, supplemental glucosamine may help to rebuild cartilage and treat arthritis.

Hope you feel better soon.

Beau Lotus said...

D, hope you're feeling better.

Sorry to hear about the school bus issue, it's the same everywhere, open your mouth and you pay for it. But we must stand by our principles nonetheless, right? Bon courage.

The weather is cold now, how I wish I could join a BBQ...especially one with Singapore goodies!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks delicious! I want! I want!

Hope you are feeling better and less pain.

Big Boys Oven said...

hey hope you are getting and feeling better now!

Cranberry said...

Hope you feeling better now, Deb. Take Care..

I love the crust of your curry puffs and your re so generous with the filling as well. I m going to give it a try making it when I'm feeling much better.