Saturday, November 1, 2008


Picked myself up some books as I've finished all my books and have been feeling rather bored in the nights. There is only so much tv to watch and most times I end up on the Asian Food Channel and most shows are repeats. I find that Thursday to Sunday nights are the worse for tv entertainment. Why is it that way? Do the media people think that most people will be out partying so they don't bother to screen nice programmes?

I love to read in bed in the quiet of the night when Princess is asleep and hubby is on the pc. A lovely snuggle under the blankie in the aircon room - bliss. :)

And so, I was at Borders and picked up a little black dress title. I think these are so affordable and entertainment enough. I realised too, that I had a Harris postcard which entitled me to 25% off 2 books so off I went yesterday to indulge. :) Got princess a Rainbow Magic book which she was eyeing and for myself, I got the book by Elizabeth Noble entitled 'Things I want my daughters to know'. I was eyeing that previously but it was a bit dear and it came in hardcover which I don't like. I couldn't for the life of me remember the title when I was searching for it yesterday, but was lucky to spot it, this time in paperback and way cheaper, so I was happy. :) And while browsing, I came across The Little Black Dress series selling 3 for $25 (usual $10.65 each).

I also love reading non-fiction but I'm rather picky with those, as some might be a little boring.

Look at the title bestowed on me by my little one. How cute. :) Thanks B, for that.

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