Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Birthday Party

We were invited to a little tea party for a very special girl who turned 3 last week. Why she's special? She's the only girl in a family of 5 brothers! And really we hardly meet her so it was nice to finally do so and most of the kids who turned up were friends of her brother. Haha. Her 3rd brother, N, used to be a classmate of Princess' but has since moved on to another school. We have kept in touch with the mum though. And we do include them in parties and gatherings. It was really nice of her to have us join in the celebration. Unfortunately no boys were allowed so there were some protests, and also her brothers were all whisked off to grandma's. :P

Little MM loves ponies so it was basically the theme of My Little Pony. Erm... mummy, just realised the table setting was all Disney Princesses. Hehe.

The pinata part was really funny. As it was a very quiet affair (there were no boys, get it!), we basically just tore the pinata and let the girls catch the stuff. Within were lovely mini little ponies and some stuffed toys and very pleased that there was not a single sweet in sight. I love this mummy already. :D

This is the very huge 3D cake which the birthday girl picked out. Expensive taste, I tell ya. And our party was really very small so everyone had to bring home a portion of cake.

Little Baby C, oblivious to all the fun going on around her.

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Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow wow, very nice! Love the look of the sleeping baby, look at her fingers pose. LOL!