Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brownie Cheesecake

This is the reason why I had to bake twice yesterday. The first was for the brownie which was to be cut up to be mixed into cheese mixture. I then spent another hour baking the full cake. When slightly cooled, I made a ganache to go over. The reason being that my springform tin was rather big and I had no tray to make a waterbath with. Therefore, there were cracks on the surface of the cake which was not so pretty but really, it didn't turn out that bad. This is a very rich and sinful cake, best to be cut into small slices to serve. It is a recipe which I doubt I will be churning out regularly. It's a lot of work, first to crush oreo biscuits into crumbs and then make a base, next to bake the brownie part, etc. It isn't a pretty sight but it tastes great. You have to be a fan of rich cheesecake to enjoy this.

Ingredients -

3 packet of Philly cream cheese
4 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence

For the base, I didn't follow any particular recipe. I used biscuits from two regular packs of Oreo biscuits and removed the cream within. I then crushed them and melted enough butter to hold them together and freeze till set.

Method -

1. Cream cheese till smooth, add eggs one at a time till well mixed. Add sugar and vanilla essence and blend well.

2. Bake in 180degC oven for 45-60mins.

Let cool and refrigerate to set before serving.

Note - Always line the springform tin with aluminium foil to prevent the butter from seeping out under, which is what happened to me and I had a smoky oven. Lesson learnt. :P

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Maya Yunos said...

I actually like E look of this cheesecake. E dark base against E light cheesecake! Cheesecake, brownies, oreos and ganache would drive my cousins crazy! But I guess its gonna be too much for me coz I'm not tht big a chocoholic. Then again, I really wanna try this out :P I think I'm gonna use brownies as E base instead. I try and see how it goes! Thanks for E inspiration! :)