Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shopping in Tokyo

I was very selective in the merchandise that I bought on my trip. Even though I had packed an extra suitcase for all my shopping stuff as well as a fold-up bag, I didn't want to fully utilize both, so in the end, I managed to squeeze most of the shopping into the suitcase. Shopping is not the expensive thing. It's the airport transfers and travelling 2 or 3 times in cabs in the city, tickets to Disney as well as to Puroland that put a dent in our budget. Most of the bento shopping I did, those bento books etc, were actually affordable and the books were half the price of those sold here in Singapore.

Princess was given shopping money by her granny and grandaunt in Ireland. It was supposed to be for her shopping in Disney but in the end, hubby paid for her stuff, so she spent most of it at 100 yen shops. This is her loot.

As for me, these were the stuff I picked up.

I'm sure there are other photos of things I bought but my photos are all over the place at the moment so will update as and when.

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