Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 3 - Disneysea

We didn't manage to arrange well with cousin as to what time we'd be at Disney, so we decided to go ahead and start on the rides. Coincidentally, we bumped into them while on our way to the first ride - Aquatopia. The kids loved this ride and went on it at least 5-6 times.

Cousin wanted some Asian food, so we settled on Indian food. The naan and curry weren't too bad. I got princess the cake which came with the souvenir plate.

Following Peony's lead, I went about or rather sat around admiring all the plentiful popcorn containers which I saw people lugging around. There were more than 12 different types, but I later found out that some of them had actually brought their own containers to refill with popcorn for a lower price. I loved the Halloween-themed ones, and some others I believe, were from Disneyland. I had my eyes on this one below, and hunted around for it before finding it on the way to lunch. Love it to bits. It's a gorgeous little picnic basket.

Among the stuff I bought at Disneysea was this pair of Mickey and Minnie pouches. Kawaii!

We were sad to have missed the finale of the evening - the fireworks, but we wanted to catch the 8.30pm bus back into town and if we had stayed on, it would have been very late by the time we got back to the hotel. Besides we were there an entire day and were tired out from all the walking and playing. I do regret not having gone to Disneyland, but that will give me an excuse to visit Tokyo again. :)

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