Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Lost Jewelpet

Meet Sapphire the Jewelpet. She was 2 days old when this picture was taken. It is the only memory she left with us. We bought her at Puroland, when dear princess set eyes on her. We tried to show her others but her heart was set on this. It slept with her in the night and throughout the next day, it accompanied her as we went shopping, sitting snuggly in her backpack which she carried front facing so she could keep an eye on Sapphire, which she named 'Jewel'.

While waiting for our flight to come home, she took Jewel out and took a photo of her at the terminal. I then stuffed Jewel into her bag so that it will be safe in there. She watched some movies and played games on board the plane and then fell asleep around 2-3am, and when we arrived just after 6am, I waited till we had landed before waking her up so that she could sleep a little more. When we were halfway on the expressway home, she suddenly asked where Jewel was and I told her that it was in her bag and she said, no, that she had taken it out during the flight. My heart sank as I knew it was gone. I told her that and she started to cry. I tried calling the airport but they said we had to go down personally to lodge a report. Hubby took her down after having a nap and didn't even make it through to the lost and found counter. They wouldn't let him in, so he checked at the info counter and they made some checks and said nothing was found in the aircraft. I could have told him that without him even making the trip. Someone would have pocketed it. If she had told us she had taken it out, we would have remembered at the end of the flight but she told neither me nor her dad. :(

We were both very upset by the loss and I tried searching on the internet without much luck. I also sent out messages to friends going Japan, Taiwan, Korea, to see if they have any luck in finding a replacement.

What broke my heart the night of our return was that princess was concerned that her pet had been dumped into a dustbin somewhere, or that she would be in a washing machine with her tag all intact and that it'd be ruined. The next morning, she said she didn't sleep well the night before, thinking of her precious pet.

I really hope to be able to find a replacement for her and will continue in my search and also through the kindness of friends who travel.

Meanwhile, at least we have this picture of her which my girl took.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Awww... Jewel was so precious! I hope you will find a replacement for her soon.

sohcool said...

Oh. So sorry to read about this. i hope princess gets over the loss soon.

YumMum said...

Hi, maybe you like to give ebay a try?