Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 4 - Kabukicho & Harajuku

Throughout our stay in Japan, we took our time to have a good rest each day before heading out. We could have maxed out our time there by going out very early in the morning and not returning till late, but all that walking around got us very tired and besides, we were on holiday. There was no need to rush around. We just went with the flow, which was a good thing, as that meant that we missed the rush hours on most days, thus on most of our train rides, the carriages were mostly empty. That was good. We did get caught once or twice at the train station during peak period, but it was fine, as the places where we were headed were mostly located outside of the city. So going against the flow was a good thing.

After 3 days in Tokyo, I still hadn't chanced upon any Daiso or CanDo 100 yen outlets and it was pretty frustrating for me. On the first day there, due to disorientation, we never found nor looked for Tokyu Hands in Shibuya. We revisited Shibuya on the last day we were there and with the help of GPS, we managed to locate the building.

I asked for directions at the hotel desk and judging from the map, it looked like Pepe Building, where I was headed, was at the end of the road where the hotel was. So I decided to try taking the bus down. I got all the instructions and directions I needed and we proceeded to the bus stop which was literally a stone's throw away. From that day on, we didn't bother with walking to the train station. It was so easy going via bus to Shinjuku station from where we were that even though it cost us more, it was our preferred way of commuting. It costs us 200yen for adult and 100yen for kid. Bus travel is definitely more costly than travel via train, but nothing can be compared to the taxi fares in Tokyo. We took cab a total of 4 times if I'm not wrong. Twice was to and from the airport shuttle stop and hotel, and twice were because we were simply too exhausted to walk anymore. Each cab ride cost us around 1000 yen or slightly less each trip, so that worked out to $16 or so.

Pepe building houses CanDo 100yen, and I spent over an hour there going through each rack and shelf and item, but not before sending hubby off to Starbuck's first. Princess had lots of fun filling the baskets as she was given shopping money by her granny and grandaunt to spend on her holiday. She bought stuff for herself and gifts for her friends.

Our next stop after 100yen was Harajuku.

The streets of Harajuku were pretty empty at this time of the afternoon on a weekday. Weekends were crazy filled with chock-a-block of shoppers.

Hubby took a picture of this sign. Spot the mistake?

We were pestered to have a meal at Mac's. It was our first fastfood meal there and fastfood doesn't come cheap.

The main reason for going to Harajuku... Daiso!


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