Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 6 - Puroland (Take 2)

Sweet city map, all in pink.

Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel were there to greet us as we entered the park. A photo with both characters was a must.


Kuromi was next in line to take a photo with. She was very cute and sweet, not like the little devil she is supposed to represent.

We went on a boat ride through the park.

These below were taken during our visit to Miss Kitty's home. Her very cute bathtub.

This is where she checks her email and surfs the web. ;)

The Jewelpets and Cinnamoroll in concert.

Very cute vending machine with Hello Kitty prints.

The birthday meal which comes with a hat of choice and a take home bento container. Hubby had the gratin set while I had the carbonara. I don't usually eat cream-based pastas but this one was the only one that appealed to me, out of the 3 choices.

Part of the bento set, these very cute Hello Kitty printed sausage and fishcake.

This really is a big set for a child. Added to this portion of pasta, sausage etc, was a hamburger in the upper layer of the basket. We kept the burger for our meal the next day.

For those planning a trip to Puroland, here are some directions to guide you to your destination. From Shinjuku station, take the Keio Line to Chofu, to switch train to Tama Centre. All in approximately 1hr travelling plus waiting time for train switching. From Shinjuku, the fare costs 330yen (adult) and 170yen (child). We had missed the direct train the previous morning, therefore we made sure to be there slightly earlier to catch it, which we did. It takes approximately 40mins to get there via direct line. If however you need to switch train at Chofu, remember to stay on the same platform where you got off the train and wait for the connection. It'd be best to check the board for timings. There are English words on the boards. Wait for the right train and timings. It is pretty easy to get around.


Yeapies said...

eeerr... Mickey & Minnie Mouse?...

Yeapies said...

At last you've made it. YAY! \*0*/

SIG said...

Hahah that was hilarious! This is what happens when you blog way past your bedtime!

Shazz said...

The bento container is so pretty! I have got to get myself to Tokyo, Kyoto, osaka etc etc SOON!

SIG said...

Shazz - Yes, we must plan it together ok?