Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 7 - Last day in Tokyo

We planned our trip such that we would get 7 full days in Tokyo. Thus, we took the midnight flight out of the city that last night. We slept in till pretty late and checked out by 12pm, made our rounds to places such as 100yen and Daiso to go through the shelves one last time. I'm glad I did as some new stuff had popped up.

We went back to Shibuya, and with GPS, managed to find Tokyu Hands and the Loft. Yippee!

I bought a few items for Princess from Uniqlo, such as a pair of jeggings, a denim skirt and some thermal wear. They do not carry a wide range of kids' items in Singapore, esp their signature Heat Tech range of thermal wear.

In Daiso, I found these bento tools. In fact, they are now available in Singapore. I saw them last week.

While chatting with a friend on Viber (free Iphone to Iphone calls), she told me to check out the snacks available for sale at the airport. I bought a few items as gifts for my parents, and family. I also bought fresh udon and ramen which were very delicious.

Bought some famous banana cakes. They were very cute and pretty in their packaging.

A bento box filled with goodies from Disneysea.

More gifts for the family.

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