Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Various buns

Just haven't made bread in a long while and thought of making some today. So I used this recipe. I really need to sit down one of these days and sort out my labels which are kind of messy. I know I've made buns before but can't find them anywhere in my cloud label. Going to bring some to swim class today. Hope they pass the taste test.

Cheese Sausage buns

Ham & Cheese buns with spring onion garnish

Chocolate Chip buns

Otah buns


Miz Young said...

ohhhhhhh the sausage buns look great! and others are lovely too but sausages are my all-time-fav! You used Rockingham sausages?

SIG said...

miz young - Thanks. Err... no... Doux.

mikky said...

they all look so delicious... :)

SIG said...

Thanks mikky. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

The buns all look great, no problem passing the taste test!

Btw, hop over to check out the meme I had for you. ;)

Shazz said...

Wow!! U really should open a bakery. Give breadtalk a run for their money. I wish I can cook/bake like you, but hey...I've got you to feed me :)

Beachlover said...

wowo!! your buns look great!!I like your sausage bun,my favourite!

daphne said...

wow! I love those bread rolls-perfect for breakfast!!

SIG said...

lcom - Aww... tks for your confidence in me. Hehe. Ok, will try do when I have time.

shazz - You think too highly of me. :P Ai, you 'import' me to Oz or you come home then. You are not around often enough to feed. ;)

beachlover - Tks dear. But the otah bun was nicer. :)

daphne - Oops, I was gonna say help yourself, but they are all gone. :P