Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thank you

Late this morning, I made a cake for D who took care of princess yesterday and today so we could go to the race free of any worries. Thanks very much for your help.

I made her a marshmallow cake. I think it's the best thing that I've learnt to make in a long time, after the snow skin mooncake. It's beautiful & yummy. I used my new heart-shaped mould and also a flowery plastic film for the perimeter of the cake. I had literally minutes to beautify it before they were knocking on the door. Hope they enjoy the cake.

While I was in the midst of assembling cake in the morning, hubby woke up so we went out for a late lunch at Suntec City. We couldn't decide on what to have before we spotted a sign at Bakerzin which advertised an all-day set menu which cost $13.80+++. After checking out what the choices of main course were, we decided to have a go. It is really value for money. You get to choose a drink and main course, and it comes with a soup of the day as well as free flow of bread. My main course alone cost $14.80 and hubby's sandwich cost $12.80.

We both had the Italian peach soda.

This was the soup, tomato I think.

As much bread as you like.

Prawn sandwich.

Chicken thigh in teriyaki sauce.


daphne said...

Woah.. Can I have a slice of the cake too?

And that looks like a very nice relaxing lunch with your hubs. =)

Little Corner of Mine said...

You are really the expert in making the marshmallow cake now, it looks great!

mikky said...

i'm sure they did... your cake looks lovely... :)

SIG said...

daphne - Sure, of course you may. ;) And yes, it was indeed a relaxed lunch.

lcom - You reckon? Hehe, I think so too. :P Thanks for the compliments. :)

mikky - Thanks, and yes they did. :D

Beachlover said...

your cake really look good! I never try to make fruit cake with clear top b4..I think I dunno how to start!!lol!..what a nice meal teher ,just 13.80!!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow what a lovely baked!

SIG said...

beachlover - Thanks. It's easy to do the jelly layer. Try out the recipe. And yes, the meal was really a good deal.

BBO - Thanks for the compliments. Nothing like what you produce. ;)