Monday, September 15, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival

How did you spend last evening? We celebrated 2 of my cousins' birthdays. Since they both fall in the month of September, we decided to kill two birds with a stone. We had an early dinner at Billy Bomber's at Central and then took a stroll along Clarke Quay with the little ones holding their lanterns and then it turned into a sparkler affair. This attracted the attention of the throngs of photographers present there with their very busy cameras capturing the special moments and antics of the little kids with their sparklers. Gosh, I just had to stay out of the limelight.

Along the riverside were all these beautiful zodiac lanterns as well as some big lantern floats in the river. It was indeed a perfect day to take a ride in the ferries plying the river.

This was the lantern that she picked out for herself this year. However, she got fearful of the burning candle and mummy ended up having to hold it. Next year, we'll get the butterfly one which has a much wider neck so that it's safer to carry. It didn't help that it was rather breezy and the candle was flickering a tad too much.

This single piece of plain lotus paste mooncake cost me a mad whopping $12.63! Little girl wanted it after doing the taste test at Ngee Ann City mooncake fest. We'll savour every little crumb. %)


Miz Young said...

Ya I'm also fearful of the candles in the lanterns. Hey, maybe it'll be better if we put in lightsticks instead of the candles? The lightsticks will glow for at least 3 hours!!

We wanted to get the durian mooncake yesterday but Al was too lazy and we didn't bother to in the end heheh

Glad you had a good time yesterday!

SIG said...

miz young - She insisted on the candle type this year. And aiyah I was in Vivo and they got the booth there too but I didn't have time to go down. Plus worse part, there was a sign said $25! But I doubt that was for the black ones.

Sweet Jasmine said...

Looks like a fun time at the riverside..over here in Penang there is another different kind of candlelight virgil for those prisoners under ISA....

Beachlover said...

Looking at your celebration make me home sick:(
wow! your daughter grow up so fast.I must getting old now!lol!I still thought she a little toddler.

paw paw said... did the $12.63 taste like.
Value for $$$?
Princess looks very grown up now.

Beau Lotus said...

Sigh those lanterns reminded of me when I was a kid and that was of course a very long time ago. I love the transparent ones in the form of goldfish etc.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. It's really nice and make me homesick too. Here, no atmosphere one, just like any other day.

SIG said...

sweet jasmine - Oh yes, I've been reading about those prisoners. It's sad.

beachlover - Aww... you should get together a group of Chinese friends and celebrate it together to create your own atmosphere. Haha, she didn't grow up overnight. She's 6.

paw paw - No leh. Normal. Lol! And the best part, she said, I don't like it anymore cos it doesn't taste like the ones I tried at the fair! I offered to cut them into tiny cubes. Lol! Yes, she's shooting up very fast.

beau lotus - I remember having a rooster one that got burnt in the playground when I was young, as you said, a looonnngg time ago. ;)

lcom - Yes, I can understand what it feels like in your part of the world... it being just another day.

paw paw said...

Good idea!!!
Cubes & tooth picks may do the trick.

Maya Yunos said...

I remember reading about E fairy tooth in your blog and suddenly I see this gal all transformed! I didn't knew that ur princess is all grown up! Even under those dim2 lights...I can see that she's pretty! She looks kinda tall too :) Love her skin...E beauty of having mix parents I guess! :p

daphne said...

that's one very expensive mooncake! Is it that good??

Cranberry said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely pics. Indeed expensive mooncake! so end up who ate the most of it ah? hehe..

For me, with 2 grown up boys, they don't carry lanterns anymore haha...hmmmm.. a few friends came over for afternoon tea and we sample mooncakes together, followed by dinner and drinking session till 12 midnite :)

SIG said...

paw paw - Yes, indeed!

maya - Haha, the parents are not mixed, she is. Hehe. No lah, the tooth fairy one I didn't show full picture of her, but she was already tall then. She is indeed tall 1.25m I think, very tall for her age.

daphne - I can't tell the difference really if it was really that good. All mooncakes are the same, no? :P

cranberry - Me lah! Next time I take home more baked ones from you haha, I didn't even know she liked those. That was a lovely evening, to spend with friends and family. :)