Friday, September 26, 2008

Chocolate Ice-Cream

Was blog hopping when I came across small small baker's recipe for homemade ice-cream. Following all her links & feedback from those who made it, I discovered it was real easy to make some ice-cream at home, without any need for an ice-cream maker. Now, with all this contaminated food business going on (even ice-creams are not spared), I decided to try it out. At least I know what is going in our tummies, and melamine sure isn't one of the ingredients (or so, I hope).

As I did changes to the original recipe, I thought it'd be easier to just type it out here -

Ingredients -

3 egg yolks
50g sugar
45g dutch-processed cocoa powder
50g Nestle 'Go" chocolate milk
200g milk (I didn't have full cream on hand, so used low fat that was in fridge)
250g whipping cream (I used Phoon Huat's whipped topping)
4 pieces of Chipsmore Double Choc Chip cookies, broken into pieces (optional)

Method -

1. Whisk egg yolks and sugar till white and creamy.
2. Double boil the egg yolk mixture and stir constantly. Pour in cocoa powder, and milk, and continue stirring until mixture is hot but not boiling.
3. Remove the milk mixture from heat and set aside to cool. (I plonked the bowl in a basin of water to quicken the cooling down process)
4. Whisk whipping cream till fluffy and fold in the cooled milk mixture. Fold in chocolate chip cookies
5. Pour into container and freeze overnight or until firm.

N.B. Kids came over for a playdate and when realised there was ice-cream, insisted on eating them. 2-1/2hrs after storing in fridge, it wasn't very hard, but rather the sides were and the middle was soft, still they wanted and it tasted like chocolate pudding. Haha. By evening, it had hardened but I found water crystals. Could it be because I 'disturbed' it while it was freezing or maybe I should have fluffed it during the freezing process? Overall, is a good & easy recipe. Great base to experiment with different flavours. The ice-cream was a lovely bitter, not too sweet. Reason I cut down lots on sugar was because the chocolate milk and whipped cream were sweet.


daphne said...

d, u made your own ice-cream? Is there anything u can't make? Gosh.

You must have used good quality dark chocolate because it looks really rich and thick! Like the addition of cookies as well. Might save this and try it sometime in summer!

I read with horror regarding the milk thingie that has been going on. It's so scary and made me realize how we depend so much on manufacturers. Not good!

SIG said...

daphne - Ya, actually got lots of things I've not made before. I can't make everything lah. Just try try. Jack of all trades but master of none, as I was telling my friend. ;) You are lucky Aus sells their own milk. They produce there mah. I'm baking bread and making ice-cream... only short of buying a cow. Lol!

Small Small Baker said...

Hey, I see you trying out making homemade ice creams already. :) Easy right?

Mine wasn't that icy. I did bring out and whisk until smooth and freeze again to break the ice crystals. You can whisk and freeze 2-3 times to make smoother ice creams.

I love your idea of adding cookies in. Feel like eating ice cream now. :)

SIG said...

small small baker - Yes, inspired by you. :) It's easy, yes. Go make some, quick! ;P