Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mixed Fruits Marshmallow Cake

This was really funny... after I poured the jelly layer, some strawberries started swimming away. Notice the straying one in the picture above? It wasn't the only one. The fruits consisted of canned peaches, fresh strawberries, and fresh mangoes.

This blog is currently in lazy mode...

I haven't been updating as much as my juice has run dry. It's not that I have been very busy, but tidying toys and books to be given or thrown away seems to take up much of my time. I also wasn't cooking very much (lazy), but this past week, I've been good - staying home and cooking both lunch and dinner. It's the same old stuff, and they've been blogged about, so it will only be a repetition.

We are invited to a housewarming party today, and were told not to get any gifts as they do not need anything. It's actually a new home for an elderly couple and their family, so I decided to give something homemade, from my little kitchen.

I love this marshmallow cake, introduced to me by Cranberry and it turned out very well this time. I tried it on Thursday and it was a real disaster. Thanks to Cranberry for all her tips and it was a success! Now I'm proud to present my present. ;)


Miz Young said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!

... and love YOU too hehehe

SIG said...

miz young - Thanks love. Love you too. :*

Cranberry said...

Hey Deb, you have done it!! Bravo!! I am very sure they will be delighted to receive this cake from you:)

Beachlover said...

look so pretty!!

karlsfoodie said...

wow the host must b really glad to have this cake

daphne said...

Nice!! Going to check the recipe out as well-doesnt matter if the strawberries moved or not, I think it still looks good!

Jori said...

You can never go wrong with a gift from the kitchen, and something as beautiful as this would be received with open arms and big smiles, I am sure!

You are incredible!

SIG said...

cranberry - Tks for your guidance. :)

beachlover - Thanks!

karlsfoodie - I hope so. Haha!

daphne - Yes, try making it. And thanks. :)

jori - Awww... thanks for saying that. That's nice of you. Nah, am not incredible. Just an ordinary gal. ;)

Beau Lotus said...

D, I've given my sis 3 tix for Sat's F1 race (my parents will probably go on Sunday) so you may just bump into them there!

Tell us all about it, OK?

And great cake. Yummy.


SIG said...

beau lotus - Ai haha, I've never met your sis. I can't look out for her. Lol! Ok, will try to tell you about the experience haha. Hope it's not a day of heavy storm like this morning's weather. Gosh! Yes, make the cake, am sure you n the kiddos will love it. :)