Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hi all!

Hi there to my fellow blogger friends. First off, I'd like to apologize to those who have left comments but I've not had the chance to reply them. Thanks for taking the time to.

I just don't know what I've been really occupied with. Anything and everything I guess. My diary is filled every day of the week, and every weekend there is a birthday party to attend. To kick start the month of April, we had 2 birthday parties one after another last Saturday and for the next 3 weekends to come. Thus, have been shopping around for presents, burning a giant hole in the pocket! And also, we've started swimming class again last week. So, mega busy this mummy has been. On the flip side, little princess is really happy to meet up with her swimming pals once more and they've picked up where they left off. The great thing is that at this new pool where they go for class now, there is a little wadding pool perfect for them to play in after their half hour lesson is over. However, we mums aren't too pleased with the timing of the class but the coach can't change it. It's right smack in the hottest part of the afternoon at 3pm and for those of you living in Singapore, you'd know that the weather now is a killer. The 8am sun feels like 12pm, so you can imagine the intensity of the 3pm sun! I have picked up for her a long-sleeved UV protection swim top to give her little body as much cover as possible from the sun's harmful rays. Now, I just pray that she doesn't get goggle eyes. You know those, you see them on little swimmers who spend too much time in the sun using goggles.

In the time I've been missing, I did some cooking. However, they are stuff that I have blogged about before. Or else, I'd packed food from the coffee shop, or bought ready chicken thighs and served them with this potato salad below. This is the ultimate comfort food. Boiled potatoes with chopped onions, spring onions, slathered with mayonnaise and topped with bacon bits (fresh, not canned). Yum!

I made these Orange, Carrot & Chocolate Muffins for a school outing yesterday, by the request of little princess. She had wanted me to make Lemon Poppyseed. I was like, huh, I can't feed the kids that! So orange muffins they were.

Was super tired after the outing yesterday and to make matters worse, my phone gave me problems, so had to drop it in to the Ericsson service centre to get it repaired and will only get it back on Friday after 2pm. So, friends who read my blog and have been trying to get me in vain, please note that I will only be able to contact you after Friday afternoon. However, am trying to get my hands on a phone to use. I don't believe that all the phones at the service centre are out. Are there so many phones spoiled that so many have sent theirs for repair? Well, it will be the last Ericsson I'm getting for sure. I had to trade-in my last one early as it gave me problems, and this one, less than 2mths old, and already problematic. Gosh! Don't I ever learn??!!!

Alright, I've digressed. Meant to be talking about my dinner. So, not having the energy to go to the supermarket and then racking my brains as to what to prepare for dinner, I thought of what I had left in my fridge, put the ingredients together and decided to fry a dish of bee hoon for us last night. So here I present my Fried Bee Hoon with baby kailan, shredded carrots, sausages, prawns, fresh button mushrooms and some corned beef leftover from my corned beef fried rice last week. Fried an omelette and sliced it up to garnish, together with fried shallots.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Woman, you sure are busy this month! I like your potato salad, just add Mayo huh? Definitely want to try this this coming Summer when it's the grilling season here in America. Thanks!

Karen said...

Hey I did the potato thing yesterday too! But I didn't use spring onions coz J doesn't like them, instead I used chopped celery which is also great coz there's the crunch in every bite.... hehe

Mochachocolata Rita said...

orange, carrot and chocolate, such a surprising combo, it made me almost scared to try la...(i was force fed carrot for yearsssssss when i was young. my mum desperately tried to improve my eyesight. didnt help. i lasered em to 20-20 now hehe)

daphne said...

u r indeed really busy! AND u still found time to cook! Hope your time table get better soon.

Maya Yunos said...

Whenever i visit your blog, E latest post wld be "Steamed Fish Fillet" I was wondering wat happened! I thot you might be in Paris with Hubby for a pre-anniversary kinda thingy! But then again, thts abt 2 more months to go!! hehe.

Btw, I luv this kinda potatoes too. Urs look amazing! Yum2!

singairishgirl said...

little corner of mine - Aiyoh ya lah, you can say it again! It's actually good winter food too. :) Just add mayo, pepper - black or white doesn't matter. For the more detailed one like for bbq or party I will go the full whack and put in finely chopped celery to give it that little bit of crunch and not make the potatoes taste so jelak, and also hard-boiled eggs. I use chives usually instead of spring onions as I am not a great fan of spring onions. I only eat the green part. That's it! Either mayo or miracle whip will do.

karen - J eats celery? I'm surprised. It's a strong tasting veg and not everyone likes. I only started eating it when I was an adult. But thanks to Wonder Pets, princess eats it too, but now she prefers them cooked than fresh. I use celery too sometimes but I wasn't about to buy the whole bunch just to use one stick. :P I had a packet of chives in the fridge which I bought to use but as I procrastinated doing this dish, it sort of rotted. Chives is good, as there isn't a strong taste, and chives and potatoes go hand-in-hand. You chop them finely and can't even taste them really. Try that.

singairishgirl said...

mochachocolata rita - Hahaha, I have perfect eyesight but I doubt it's due to carrots. Hehe. It's not scary really. Well, the original recipe is actually an orange chocolate muffin. But since I was making it for the kids, I thought I'd add in some grated carrots to make them a little bit more healthy. It wasn't much and you can hardly taste them. I also cut down the sugar by 1/4 cup and it was great, just lightly sweetened.

daphne - Hahaha, super super busy mum. What to do? Maybe when you are a mum, you might be like me? Hehe. I have to cook lah, can't feed them outside food all the time. And cheaper to cook too. Er... my time table ah, maybe in May? ;)

maya - Hehehe, you didn't see wrong. I was too occupied to blog, and hubby uses the mac in the evenings anyway, and by that time I'd be too tired too. Ah no lah, where got so romantic. Paris is a family trip. :) It's for the girl that we are going, all for Disneyland! Thanks re the potatoes. Yup, it's comfort/yummy/fattening stuff. :P

Alexander said...

Nice blog! The last photo of this post makes me really hungry and homesick. :P

Hi, I am Alexander and I happened to stumble across your blog via Daphne's blog. Sorry for commenting here, but I really cannot resist myself from doing so. :P Have a wonderful week.

Alex's World! -

Jori said...

So glad to 'see' that you are doing well.
(I have been a bit worried about your health.)
If you can, read my last post in March - there was a recipe that I would like your opinion on!

Sweet Jasmine said...

woops....i'm hungry again looking at these....yr beehoon had a lot of 'liau'...yummy..yummy.
Yeah..i hate swimming under the hot sun...always swim in the evening...hope yr princess had put on some uv ray protection...

singairishgirl said...

alexander - Thanks for your visit. No need for any apologies. Anyone is welcome to comment in here. :) Are you from Singapore?

jori - Thanks for your concern, my dear. I will hop on over now to check it out.

sweet jasmine - Hahaha, ya lots of 'liao' to clear. Hehe. Yes, I give her sunblock as well as long-sleeved UV top so well-protected. :)