Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My little girl got off the school bus and said, 'Mummy, I made something for you to eat'. 'What is it? Wow, you cooked it in school?'. 'Yes, it is 菜餅.' It was made with long beans, carrots, tomatoes.

So she told me to get it out from her school bag and it was this oily mess of kitchen towel just put directly into her bag. So I asked her if 老師 let everyone take it home to their mummies. She said she asked 老師,’我可以帶回家給我的媽媽吃嗎?’。她說,“不可以”。(Teacher, may I bring this home for my mummy to eat? Teacher said 'no'). But you know what she did then? She wrapped it in her little piece of napkin and brought it home secretly. Hehe. Sneaky, but how thoughtful and sweet. The vegetable pancake is yummy. I must remember to ask the teacher for the recipe.


Mochachocolata Rita said...

there's an indonesian version of this (bakwan)...i lovee it! veggie pancake, such a brilliant idea eh? even for a meat lover like me hehe

Maya Yunos said...

Yup2, mocha is rite. It looks like bakwan...and theres all kinda bakwan(fritters) corn, prawn and those with beansprouts and shrimps are really good!

Btw Dep, when you ask her teacher for E recipe, remember to say "my daughter said its nice" DO NOT say "I tink its very nice and i liked it" Tht gonna bring a lot of qs in E teacher's mind! REMEMBER, tht was a sneaked pancake! Hehehe Of coz it was sweet of her! My mom tends to do sumthing like tht too :p

singairishgirl said...

mochachocolata rita - Yes, I think it's one great way to eat up those veggies. Yum. Do you have the bakwan recipe? In Nonya terms, bakwan would mean meatballs. So many meanings to one same word. Hehe.

maya - Yes, yes, corn was what came to my mind. Prawns are yummy too. It's quite versatile, isn't it? Ya ya, I must phrase it nicely. Hehe.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Awww, how sweet of your daughter wanted to share something delicious with her mommy.

I didn't know your girl speaks Mandarin too! That's great!! She can converse Mandarin with Evy. :)

beachlover said...

Your daughter is so thoughtful and sweet..She always think of mommy first!!I think daughter are more thoughtful when come to mom,I think..

daphne said...

ooo.. that is so nice. so sweet of princess too.. awww. hehe. hv to get that recipe! ;p

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hehe let me try to make the bakwan one fine weekend and share the recipe with you ;)

singairishgirl said...

little corner of mine - Ya lor. It didn't hit me then but afterwards when I thought over it, how sweet her gesture was, to think of wanting to share something with me that she was even hiding it to bring home. It's when they do stuff like that, that you know how much you mean to them. But maybe she equates mum with food? Hahaha! But anyhow, it was really really lovely of her. It just melts your heart, doesn't it?

Huh, she can speak lah but maybe not Evy's standard. But lately she's been speaking it more. Maybe in the mood? Most days she's not in the mood she refuses and says, Mummy, don't speak Chinese.

beachlover - Oh thank you. I think so too. :P Yes, it's great the bond between mummies and their little girls. Aren't you glad you have a little girl too? :)

daphne - Hehe, sweet as honey. You'll get to meet her soon. But don't expect her to be all angel. She's beginning to show all her horns. This morning I sent her to school with instructions to get that recipe! Haha! Hope she manages to get it, or remembers to ask her teacher.

rita - Hehe, please try and share the recipe. :) Thanks!