Friday, November 27, 2009

Penang (Day 4)

On our final morning there before we headed for the airport, C took us to Kapitan for brunch. It was an Indian food joint and she highly recommended the briyani. Princess wasn't keen on the food at first but later agreed to have the banana prata. Unfortunately, they didn't have any pratas that day so she settled on white rice with some tikka masala gravy.

Hubby went for the tandoori chicken set with garlic naan.

C ordered the chicken tikka masala.

And I had the nasi briyani ayam (chicken).

After a tiring morning, she fell asleep in the plane and refused to wake up even though we were landing. Haha.

Thanks to C, I managed to go to quite a number of shops and also thanks for all the recommendations. These are the stuff I bought.

A variety of cake boxes. :D

This concludes my bumper post on Penang. :)


daphne said...

hehehe...and what a great trip it sounds like! I like the sound of the hard rock hotel too-so many activities there!

I am amazed by how u managed to pick up kitchen items along the way!!

SIG said...

Hi Daph, yup, I had a great guide who insisted I go to all those shops. Hahaha, tks to her I found some gems. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, you found these gems in Penang, which shops?

Beau Lotus said...

That was quite a haul alright!

And the trip sounds great, like me on my trip to Penang, you certainly ate and ate ah.

SIG said...

lcom - Sorry I can't help you there. I was taken to all those shops but can't remember their names hahah.

Yup S, a real haul. :) Actually the photos are lying. We didn't eat as much as we wanted. :)