Friday, November 27, 2009

Penang (Day 2 Part 2) - Penang Hill

Following our very heavy lunch, we made our way to Penang Hill. Tickets were bought beforehand for the 3pm trip up the funicular railway. This was the highlight of this trip for Princess as she had read about it in her book.

We got there a half hour too early for our timeslot and tried to get on the earlier trains but they were filled to the brim. I really wasn't looking forward to this trip but hubby reminded me that that was what princess wanted to do, and that it's boring for her to go round the malls, as much as it was for me to ride on this train. Oh well.

This is what it typically looks like in the cabins, with passengers squashed in to each other. There were only a few seats in the cabins and they were mostly given up for the elderly and the young children. The ascend up the hill felt longer than it should have due to the discomfort of having people squash you in, left, right and centre. And not to mention the heat. There was no ventilation whatsoever. I do look forward to next Feb when they close to make huge renovations to the railway. Apparently when it's done, the air-conditioned cabins can take up to 150 people per trip and there will be more seats in them.

Scenes along the way...

Are we there yet?

Finally, views from the top.

That's Penang Bridge in the background... awesome piece of architecture.

There was a lady up the hill who sold these grasshoppers for RM$1 each. We got two of those. Aren't they pretty?

Coming down the hill, we were cramped in the cabins for over 15mins with no signs of the train moving. For whatever reason, I have no idea. Verdict after the trip uphill... Me to hubby & princess: 'So now, which was more enjoyable? The trip up the hill or the mall?'. Their answers, 'The Mall'. I rest my case.

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