Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Penang Trip (Day 1)

Our holidays began on 18th Nov as we boarded a Jetstar flight to visit our friends in Penang. Prior to that, dear princess was suffering an entire week at home due to a serious bout of I don’t know what till this day. It started with a very high fever on the Monday before school closed and it took her a week to recover, during which time she suffered from tummy pain, serious loss of appetite, flu & cough. Poor child had to forgo her fun post-exam activities which she was very much looking forward to. Who’s to know that I caught some of her virus and ended up sick 2 days before we were due to fly. I had a fever the night before we took off and I took panadol, slept very early and was very well-rested. By Wednesday the fever was gone, and just as well since we had to go through a thermal scan at Penang. I didn’t wish to get deported.

Our flight departed from Changi Airport Terminal 1 which only had one runway in operation. It wasn’t even peak period and yet we had to wait in line for half an hour before we took to the skies. Flight time was great. Before we knew it, we were there. C met up with us at the airport with her little princess. What an adorable child, she won all our hearts especially those of hubby’s & princess’. However, it was more difficult to win her over to our side hehe.

C whisked us off to the first 100yen outlet to have a look. It was a tiny place and there wasn’t much on offer there. However, 2 doors away was a kitchen wares place and I found something for a friend of mine who will be getting them for Christmas, thus not able to share photos of those here. :P That was a great find and I’m very pleased with them.

She was very eager to feed us, but we disappointed her as we turned out to be small eaters. :) Added to that, the fact that I was ill and didn’t have much appetite throughout the trip. That really dampened the spirit. :(

On our way to pick up her hubby, we stopped by a pancake shop to have a bite of one of the ‘must eat’ food items on our list. We had to wait a whole 15mins for the guy to get the pancake mould heated, and meanwhile we had to go through a mind-boggling list of what flavours to order. There were too many to choose from.

That first night in Penang, we were taken to the street stalls where we had duck egg char kuay teow, assam laksa, kuay teow tng & satay. However, maybe I wasn’t feeling that well, or maybe just out of sheer laziness, I didn’t take photos of the things we ate. What a waste, as we didn’t get to re-visit those same foods again. They are stored in my memory bank for my own reference.

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