Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Penang Trip (Day 2 Part 1) - New World Park

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, Penang, which was only opened in September this year. The Beatles were with us everywhere we went, from the lobby to the headboard in our room and everywhere else in the hotel. The funpool was the best part of the hotel, entertaining the kids with the water slides, etc. Princess and hubby spent an entire day at the hotel on our second last day there, playing in the pool as well as in the special rooms dedicated to the kids, where there were pool tables, xbox & Wii game consoles and even a drumset to play on. As the hotel provides buffet breakfast each morning, we tended to eat before we went out.

This was what we had for breakfast at the hotel. They offered a wide buffet selection but I did not take any pictures of those. The freshly-cooked omelette was my favourite part of the buffet and the saute mushrooms were a favourite with lots of guests.

C had it all planned out on where to take us. She was a wonderful host who couldn’t wait to share with us all the yummy food of her hometown. We weren’t that great with eating too much thus we took it slow. Even so, we went straight off to lunch after our breakfast and I thought we didn’t do too badly that day. She drove us to New World Park where you will find a very nice and modern food centre somewhat like our East Coast Lagoon. There you get a wide choice of food items. There are also a few eateries in that compound, namely Old Town Coffee, a Peranakan cafe and I can’t recall what else I saw.

This is the huge array of food that we had for lunch... (I think only big photos can do justice to the delicious food). ;)

Prawn Noodles or Hae Mee

Fishball Noodles or Mee Tng

Lor Bak or what we would call Ngoh Hiang here in Singapore.


Chee Cheong Fun

Steamed Yam Cake

Glutinous Rice Dumpling or Bak Chang

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