Friday, November 27, 2009

Penang (Day 3)

Before we left on our holiday, I had put aside one day for hubby and princess to spend the day at the hotel, doing fun things like swimming or playing games at Lil Rock or the Teen club. I didn't think it was fair to bring them around to shop all day. Besides, we had a gorgeous pool and facilities for kids. Hubby was very nice and agreed that he'd accompany her while C took me around to the bake shops, meet another blogger friend for lunch, as well as do some shopping.

For Lil Rocks, there is an acitivity plan for each day, starting at 10am for registration, followed by a cooking class at 10.30am, swimming at 11am, etc etc. I had enquired the day before and the person-in-charge told me that they make pizzas etc with the chef at the pizzeria right beside the Lil Rocks playroom. However, when hubby took her there to sign up for the Lil Chef class, apparently they were not prepared as they didn't think anyone would sign up for that. What a bummer. They told hubby to bring her back in 15mins while they prepared some muffins for her to decorate. Hubby was kidding that they'd probably grab a few muffins off the breakfast buffet and give them to her to decorate, which they did! They gave her some chocolate sauce and a packet of M&M's and that was it. Hubby felt that it was a bit boring but princess said she enjoyed herself so I guess that's what's most important. She did decline to take the muffins with her. All she wanted to do was play with the decor. Haha. I don't blame her, the muffins were not great-tasting.

They hit the pool right after the Lil Chef activity and she made 2 little friends there. Here's the all-time favourite slide.

There's a pool which has sand at the bottom, almost like the base of the ocean. Very nice. She got to build some little sandcastles there.

After swimming and lunch, they played some indoor games at the Teen's Club which had the xbox, Wii, computers, etc. They also had pool & foosball tables.

Our plan for our last evening there was to dine at the Hard Rock Cafe. Pathetically, they did not have any available tables, even though we said we were guests. She said the reservation was full. Anyhow, I felt that the cafe was too small. They should really have made it bigger with the space they have. We could have pushed for it but we didn't, as the smell of cigarettes was overwhelming, and we had a child and baby with us. So we decided to dine at the Pizzeria instead. I couldn't bear for C to drive up and down all day, so instead of having her pick up hubby and girl from hotel to go town to eat again, we decided this was the best decision. I have to say I was really disappointed with the menu at the Pizzeria. Choices were very limited and they didn't even have a basic Pomodoro seeing that this is a family hotel. However, I did request it for the Princess, and the chef agreed to do it. My guess is that it wasn't as good as the one she ate at Jemputree since she hardly touched her dinner.

Banana milkshake for the princess.

Breadsticks to go with dips below. This was lovely.

Antipasto for C.

Seafood pizza for all to share.


Crabmeat fettucine, although there were more prawns than crabmeat in there.

Calzone with ham & cheese if I'm not wrong.


Jori said...

Okay - now I am hungry!

I can't believe how much Princess has grown!

Sounds like a wonderful vacation.

SIG said...

Hi Jori - Hahaha. I'm sure you'd be hungry looking at all the pictures. Oh yes, she's coming to 8 yo soon, and very tall.