Friday, July 10, 2009

Today's bento and lunch

Alright, mummy's still in lazy mode. I bought some wassants yesterday, as requested by princess. We're addicted to the stuff and a pack of 10 is gone now in a day! In her bento, I packed a wassant, golden kiwi, some crisps made from peas (if only she knew that... she doesn't like peas but I bet she'll eat this stuff haha), a pack of pistachios and a little cocoa-coated nut.

I saw this packet of noodles a few times at the supermarket but didn't buy it. Then one day, I decided to just get it to try out. I like the fact that it's frozen which makes it really handy for me. Princess loves noodles but often, a packet is too much so for this one, what I did was to break off a piece. Even so, it was a big bowl. Will break off slightly lesser next round. It's somewhat like instant noodles, but it's fresh, and the texture is nice, and princess loved it. And I think, that's all that matters. ;) It's great for those days when you just don't know what to cook for a little one. Just boil some stock, or some miso-based soup, add a couple of veg, some fishballs, crabsticks, minced meat balls etc and voila, a healthy and nutritious dish!.

I made this for lunch today. There were fishballs, broccolini, Jap fishcake & a sprinkle of hello kitty furikake.

Another gift from a friend who just got back from Taiwan. Thanks!


Little Corner of Mine said...

The ramen looks good, I like this easy lunch too.

SIG said...

lcom - Yes, love it too. :)

SIG said...

lcom - Yes, love it too. :)

Susan Yuen said...

My whole family loves ramen. What a great idea to put furikake in it!