Friday, July 10, 2009

Bento, bento, bento

My last few bentos this week have been super lazy ones. I haven't been in the mood to do much work on them. Think I'm still recovering from the hectic weekend and so is little one. She's been waking up very late in the mornings, and only today woke up earlier at 8 plus, due to her blocked nose and coughing. Sigh, what shall I do? She's been ill for over a month & just completed her 14-day anti-bio. :( I was also suffering from a very stiff neck and shoulder past two days and it put me in a 'not feeling like doing anything' mood. But good thing is, and I'm so proud of myself, that I cooked dinner the entire week. Hurray!

This bento has cinnamon bagel with cream cheese & blueberry jam, cheese stick, golden kiwi & blueberries, and an apple carrot sausage. She's recently in a bagel phase. However, I always forget and get them toasted for her, and they turn out very hard. This one I got from Cold Storage and it wasn't toasted.

A super lazy bento of sliced pizzas made from frozen supermarket pizza, golden kiwi & blueberries again. Those were the only fruits I had in my fridge.

I took a walk to the supermarket just near my place and picked up some dragonfruits & starfruit, thinking that starfruit would be good for the throat. However, she ate everything in the box and came home with the 2 pcs of starfruits hahaha. I had carrot ham in the shape of a flower, and used the same ham for the filling in the sandwiches. I also finally made my double tone bear with the cheese I made last week, but never got to use. However mine didn't turn out as well as mothering corner's. Check hers out.

I love the little rocket cutter but these transport cutters were way too tough to cut through the sandwiches so I only made the one rocket. I tried the fire-engine and everything just got stuck in the crevices.

This is how I place them to 'rest' and cover with anti-bac sheet before packing the boxes up for school.

All ready to go!

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