Friday, July 10, 2009


Durian is the 'King of Fruits' as most locals know it. It's a thorny fruit with lots of spikes and the flesh within is a gorgeous white/yellow creaminess. Not everyone likes it, and it is an acquired taste, but I do know of a few Caucasians who love the stuff. I can't describe it very well, but here's a link that might give you a better idea, Jori. Check it out.

Here's another interesting one.


Peony said...

now I have no problem viewing your blog. Thanks.

SIG said...

peony - wow, tks for letting me know.. but I didn't do anything hahaha.

Jori said...

Thanks, Sig!
The first link explains this fruit to me perfectly! I would be very interested to try it... I like avacodos very much (so the texture wouldn't upset me) and I'm of the belief that camambert should almost be running off the plate to be enjoyed properly!

I asked my friend, Dar, about this fruit - she lived in Malyasia for 6 years, and her opinion was that it "Stunk to high heaven" but was actually quite tasty. She didn't really go into more description than that, so I appreciate your thinking of me to provide more details!

SIG said...

Jori - I hope one day you'll get to come to Singapore or Malaysia to try this fruit. :)