Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back to school (bumper post)

The house is finally peaceful again. Not that my girl is a noisy person, but 'mummy this, mummy that' really gets to you after a month! Really enjoying this moment of being alone at home.

The term began on Monday but since she is having a bad cough, over a month now, I didn't want to send her back. Just saw the paed last week and he prescribed a 2 week course of anti-bio. Thank goodness it's not yucky for her else imagine the struggle. She dislikes the cough mixture which makes her gag. She really enjoyed staying at home, and going out on playdates in the second n third weeks, and for the last week, we did quiet things, like stay home, visited my aunt, and basically just winding down to get ready to go back to school.

Lots of stuff to update today, so let's begin...

I woke up rather early this morning to prepare bentos for hubby and his mate at work. Well, I had gotten some lovely lemon pepper turkey breast from the cold cuts section at Cold Storage and thought I'd make a potato salad, and a sandwich is relatively simple to put together in the morning. Made the potato salad yesterday, so just had to cut up some fruits before completing the bento.

I really like this box, it's great for bento and a nice size, but more an adult size. It's way too big for a kids' portion. Tks Al. I've ran out of them... hint hint. :P

It was a very busy morning, but thankfully I did my homework last night. I had leftover Jap rice so made it into yaki onigiri shaped like cinnamoroll, using the mould of course. I found it tough to flip the onigiri in the frying pan once the rice softened. One ear came loose, but I managed to just squueze it in together in the box. Here's the lovely site where I learnt to make it... very simple to do.

Friend just back from Japan gave me a packet of this seaweed. It's been some time since my last supplies ran out so very happy. :)

After hubby left for work, it was time to get to work on princess' bento. Her first this term, so tried to make something nice for her. :) She wasn't really excited to go back to school, such a change from her first term at school. Then, during March hols, she was asking, why must there be holidays?? Hahha. Now you ask her, are you happy to go back to school? She keeps quiet or shrugs her shoulders lol.

Her bento has yaki onigiri, cherries, blueberries, carrot with broccoli floret for the leafy part, a gigantic grape, would you believe the size of it?! It's like 4cm long! I don't know what the grape is supposed to be haha but it looks like a car with the blueberries as wheels.

What follows below are stuff that I've made over the past few weeks since my last post.

My first time doing them - Yaki Onigiri. Yummy!

Cute fish omu rice bento. Think I did quite well with the fish. Of course it's not original. I copied it from one of my bento books. :P

Rice was served with this curry from a packet which I got at the supermarket. I don't read Jap so not sure if it's for younger kids. All it says on the back of the packet is that it's for kids. Anyway, she loved it and finished every drop of gravy haha. Love the cute packaging.

A late lunch of supermarket-bought sushi, Meiji yoghurt (her current favourite), and some fruits.

Went to Aunt's place last week and had a sushi session. She mentioned that she wanted to learn to make them so I bought some stuff from Daiso to do them. We all had fun, even though lots of work in preparing the ingredients.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Cute! I like the divider bento box too.

SIG said...

lcom - Yes, they are so handy. :)

Susan Yuen said...

So many great ideas! Our family loves to have sushi parties too, so much fun! :)