Friday, July 10, 2009

Luo Han Guo

I was told by some friends to boil this Chinese herbal drink for my girl. It's supposed to be good for the chest or lungs and also to help get rid of phlegm. So one friend tells me her recipe, and another has a recipe, and me having no experience with herbal drink, went to the supermarket and looked around at the shelves to try to pick up whatever they mentioned. While at this particular shelf, I was holding on to a big bag of chrysanthemum flowers when an elderly lady asked me how much the packet was selling for. I gave her the price and just took the opportunity to ask her how to brew this stuff. She rattled off a few ingredients and some I've not heard of, and fearing that I'd forget them, typed them in my mobile as she spoke. Hehe. So from the supermarket, I walked across to the Chinese medical hall and got the luo han guo, etc. Brewed it for a few hours and got three bottles of it.

Recipe (just so I know for future reference) -

1 luo han guo
chrysathemum flowers
gan cao - few barks (the woody-looking pieces)
jin ying hua ( just a little as is bitter)
some rock sugar


Moxie Beauty said...

Tried this recipe today for my boys. Hoping they will like it - I like it :)

SIG said...

Hi Moxie Beauty, wow, you liked it? Did your boys taste it too?