Sunday, June 8, 2008

The party

We had a party last Sunday and most of the family came. Mil made ham and baked chickens (as there weren't any turkeys to be found in the supermarkets, don't know why). Sil prepared two lasagnes and I made potato salad as well as egg mayonnaise. I also made a bread and butter pudding which didn't turn out all that well. It was because I had kind of almost doubled the recipe and baked it all together so the middle took ages to bake, plus I am not familiar with the oven here. I didn't serve that but instead we ate it ourselves the day after. It wasn't too bad except the top was ugly. Salad, coleslaw, garlic bread and most things were all ready from the supermarket, including the ready-seasoned chicken parts. They was plenty of food leftover and there's still chicken in the fridge.

Monday was a bank holiday here and while we waited for the castle to be collected in the afternoon, which turned into evening, the aunt living two doors away from us came by with her little grandchildren and we made the most out of that day as well. We had some lovely little cupcakes.

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