Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cupcakes and Curry

We bought a packet of these ready cupcake mix to make for Sunday. But there weren't enough for the many kids so we made them yesterday afternoon instead, and took them to the cousins 2 doors away. They were real easy and fuss-free to make. Love the little icings on them.

I made dinner last night as mil was in work till 9pm. My trip is not complete without me cooking curry at least once before I leave to go home. I love visiting the supermarket in every country that I visit. I love to see the things they have to offer and the many interesting products on the shelves. The choice of curries was mind-boggling. There was such a wide variety and I couldn't decide which to test out. I did not want anything that didn't taste like curry, and eventually ended up with Patak's Madras as it looked a nice dark brown, not a faint yellow colour. I decided to go for the medium/hot one as it looked authentic enough. It also helped that I went for the brand that was made in UK rather than in Ireland cos I knew they were known for their Indian food there. I also picked up pilau rice which had been cooked with saffron. It was lovely and so easy to cook. Just cut a hole and popped it in the micro for 2mins and it was done! I added potatoes and evaporated milk to the curry and let it simmer for ages.

Taking out all the odds and ends of vegetables from the fridge so I could clear them off before I left, I made a stirfry with oyster sauce.

Hubby and princess are too used to the way we eat vegetables in Singapore, which is not overly-cooked and soggy or mashed, like how the Irish like theirs. Rather we like them crunchy and lightly stir-fried. Both of them couldn't get used to the broccoli that they serve in the restaurants and I had to remind hubby that he once used to eat them. Haha!

The curry did not disappoint and it was as authentic as it got. It was really spicy, the way I liked it, but the minute I tasted it, I knew fil would have had a problem with it. I diluted it with evaporated milk, and quite a bit of water, as well as some sugar to lessen the spiciness, but it didn't help very much. However, he still finished everything that was on his plate.


Mallika said...

You could try a simple Ceylon style curry with coconut milk. It's really easy to do from scratch and then you can control the spicyness.

Alexander said...

Nice, sweet cupcakes. The curry meal looks good. :)

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Christine Lim Simpson said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. Your curry look really yummy. Glad to know that there is someone who has the same morning routine as me! Keep in touch.

Cranberry said...

wow, the cupcakes are so pretty and the curry looks really good!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

what a scrumptious meal! yummm...i love yellow rice ^_^...when something's to spicy, you can throw some potatoes in...opps...that's what you do when things get to salty eh? hehe