Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lunches and Jelly

With leftover rice, I made a simple fried rice, together with some chicken bak kwa and a little cup of jelly, assembled a bento to take to a committee meeting over the weekend. Princess was accompanying me and I knew that the food they were bringing would not suit her. We are in the midst of preparing for a funfair (organised by her ballet school), and these committee meetings are also an excuse to have potluck parties. Hehe. At the first meeting, there was a mountain of foodstuff and too much leftover so the teacher said not to bring any more food the next time, that she'd pick stuff up instead. But bear in mind, this Mrs loves to feed people so we still have loads of leftovers each time. Haha!

The weather is driving me nuts. So these few days I've been making jelly: both the jell-o kind and konnyaku. I didn't realize that I don't have any konnyaku moulds so made do with the agar agar ones. Here is a bear and a rabbit. The bear is obvious but can you make out the rabbit? There is also the carp.

Ham & lettuce sandwiches, with grapes, tomatoes and milk for a healthy lunch. Plus a cup of lime jell-o and sliced golden kiwi. :)


Bar Advice said...

Just wanted to say thanks for dropping by the last time to my blog and thanks for the comment. Been busy and now blog is also on pause.

Have a good day.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hehe, I made some konnyaku jelly too using my new konnyaku mold. I can't make up the rabbit too.

singairishgirl said...

bar advice - Thanks for stopping by.

little corner of mine - Yes, hehe, if you look closely you can spy the ears and the hind legs. I need to get some moulds it's easier.

Maya Yunos said...

I can see E rabbit! Maybe coz I have a similar looking mould! lolz :D

Apparently, when I make longan or lychee konnyaku...E rabbit seems more visible. I guess its best with non coloured jellies perhaps?

singairishgirl said...

maya - Haha, really? Well, I'm not sure but will try lychee n see.