Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Catching up

Met Sam and Hani this morning and had breakfast at Toast Box. Since Hani's leaving to the States soon, she wanted something local which she'll miss when she goes there. Sob sob, another friend leaving us :( Well, after breakfast went to Spotlight, Sam's and my favourite place, to look for fabrics. Found a gorgeous organza type fabric with lovely ballet slippers printed on it. Actually princess spied them. Had to get it and decided to sew her a skirt for ballet. Was very excited as I need to be motivated to sew and this did it for me. It's been a long time, at least a year if not longer, that I've taken the sewing machine out. I'm not into sewing that much unlike Sam.


Jo said...

Hi D!
Didn't know you are into blogging. And those cute pics...great photography skills!
Hope you, Sam and Hani had a great morning together. As always, wish I could join you all...just like old times. It's going to get harder for all 4 of us to get together now that Hani's about to move to this side of the world. Well, maybe one day!
Keep up the blog, I enjoy reading it and kind of fills me in on what you're up to.
Happy blogging!

singairishgirl said...

Hey Jo!

Wow, didn't know you had visited. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, another friend leaving us. *sob sob*

Sam said...

hi Jo !!!
Deb..I dont know where you find the time to get all this info down!!