Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Foodies Paradise

Having made some mistakes on the first piece of fabric I purchased, well, I still managed to salvage it and made a little skirt out of it, I decided to go to Arab Street to hunt for similar type fabrics and ended up with tulle and lots of food stuff. Haha. Didn't manage to find what I was looking for there though. Fortunately it wasn't a wasted trip and I ended up going to Beach Road and having the famous fish bee hoon soup (directly opposite The Concourse), and also to Beach Road Hawker Centre to buy some famous Belgian waffles. I'd read so much about it in the papers and on other blogs. Unfortunately I was there an hour early and they didn't start selling them till 11.30am. So I ended up with a bowl of Ah Balling. I love the black sesame ones and also tried the yam ones. I had them with ginger soup. It was really nice. Next stop was another well-known shop which sells traditional Chinese biscuits - Thye Hong I think it's called. So bought some of the delicious biscuits of my childhood and the pong pnia. This is for you sis. I know you love them. Will get them when you are back for Christmas.

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