Monday, July 16, 2007

Donuts, donuts, and more donuts

Well, I wonder what the hype is all about. Many times I have passed by the Donut Factory in Raffles City but each time I never bother to queue up as I think it's a waste of my precious time. There was an article in the Straits Times a few weeks' back about having done a taste test of the different shops offering this very 'hot' snack of the moment. Summer House was top of the list with Donut Factory. Heard from a source that the Burlington Square outlet used to have loads of stock till the article came out and they were sold out in a matter of hours. Therefore, I happened to be in AMK Hub today and saw that they had an outlet there. Surprise, surprise, there was no queue!!! can that be? So well, decided to buy a pack of 6 as you are entitled to $1 off but most importantly I could get a box for it. Less than that they put them in paper bags.

Decided to buy the plain chocolate frosting, cookies and cream, and one with a filling as hubby likes those (can't remember what jam it was), and one with rainbow sprinkles for princess (which is missing from the box as she had gobbled it down the minute I bought it).

Well, in true honesty, I thought it was so-so. For plain chocolate frosting I still prefer the ones in Carrefour (no queuing involved). I find the dough really soft and the chocolate they use seem to be of a higher quality. The cookies and cream was a tad too sweet for my liking.

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