Thursday, January 7, 2010

No more bentos?

For the first few days of school, she's been getting bread, bread and more bread. Even I am getting sick of that, but it can't be helped as bread is the easiest to prepare, without having any need to cool down before being packed.

This bento was for the second day of school. I made her ham & cheese sandwiches with dragonfruits, cherry tomatoes, blueberries & a last strawberry on the side. She was also given a marshmallow treat, courtesy of a recent party bag.

I love this Melon Cinnamoroll bento box, a wonderful surprise in the mail from a sweet friend to Princess. Tks so much!

The third bento of the new term has dinosaur-shaped nutella bread sandwiched between a slice of chocolate chip bread & a slice of plain bread. The hearts are cut out of the remainder of the bread slices. As there was a big area left, I quickly defrosted a sausage and cut it into two, and shaped them using the penguin sausage cutter. A little shinkansen chocolate on the side.

There are sugarbunnies-shaped apples and dragonfruit in the bottom box.

While lying beside her in bed last evening, I asked her to tell me about her day. This is what her dad used to do with her previously, a special time when they would recall the happenings of each others' days. She told me that she bought cup noodles in school for 50 cents. And she also bought a piece of seaweed chicken for 30 cents. I was rather surprised to hear that as I had already packed a full bento for her in the morning. It was scary to think that she double-ate. Apparently she wasn't the only one who double-ate. Haha. So I told her that since she is comfortable with buying food in the canteen, maybe I should stop making bentos in the morning. It is very tiring for me to have to rush them out each day. She agreed. However, I will still prepare some fruits for her to bring in. So, for the time being, there won't be any bento making till this zombified mum is out of the zone. It's the 4th day of school and I am really feeling it. I hope to continue to make them, maybe for her lunch once in a while. So do remember to drop by. :) Have a great week everyone!


Peony said...

ya, I can imagine how tiring (plus sleepy) to do bentos in the early mornings.

So I tell my girl to get buns, cakes or ready-made snacks for Ryan. Also to keep some frozen baos/waffles/pancakes in the fridge for quick easy b'fast or the bento box. My girl will not cook in the morning. Her eyes are hardly opened, hahahaa.

in fact I make b'fast for her to pick up on her way to the office.

edith said...

Deb, so Kae is not the only one that "double" eats.

I asked her how she managed to eat her own sandwiches and still can buy mee. She told me, she can coz she eats fast. *faint*

I am not that good mom like you. I only prepared sandwiches. But she is given pocket money. I guess they find canteen food fascinating and couldn't resist. Afterall, they were deprived from one last year. LOLz.

HK Choo said...

Ya, let Princess have the chance to learn how to manage her pocket money also good. :)

I remember my so-called bento way back was mostly store bought also like what Peony mentioned. One thing for sure, I brought mi-ku quite a often to school so much so that my classmates call me that, hahah.. Not that I fancy mi-ku so much, more like they were offered for prayers at least once a month.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Enjoy a longer sleep Deb! I once talked to a Japanese mom to see whether she make bento for her girl at school. She said she had to wake up an hour earlier to prepare the bento and it was too much work and her daughter asked her to get more sleep indeed. ;)

daphne said...

U hv to take care of yourself too deb!!! But lucky princess to have a caring mum like u!