Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lunch with friends

One day last week, I believe it was on a Thursday, two friends and I were supposed to meet in town for lunch. However, at the last minute I had to wait for the arrival of some computer chairs, thus I decided to invite the girls over instead. I wasn't sure what food to prepare for them and the bff said she felt like having either a solid hamburger from Wendy's or The Handburger, failing which, she'd settle for Japanese food. I don't make a mean burger so the next best was Japanese food which was right up my alley. :P I'm not saying I make great Japanese food, but it's much easier than a burger any day!

I served the meal in very pretty disposable containers which I bought from Daiso. I went to the wet market that morning and picked up a few pieces of fresh salmon which I cooked with teriyaki sauce. I used ready CP tornedo prawns which were so yummy and so convenient. I picked up a packet of California maki and made a fruit stick with sun melon, strawberries & blueberries. I also made a side salad and drizzled some goma salad dressing over. To comply with bff's wishes (I was making up for her birthday Monday past), I added mini burgers to the bentos. As I didn't manage to find any fatty minced beef, I decided to pick up some fresh English breakfast sausages and squeezed out the stuffing and made them into patties. I am embarrassed to say that the salmon turned out a little undercooked and a little pink in the middle but nobody complained and every one's plate was empty at the end of the meal. That is the greatest compliment one can ever get. :) We had a surprise guest who decided to join us at the last minute but thankfully there was more than enough rice, etc to go around.

This is princess' portion - she didn't eat the burger, I did. :)

This was specially made for the princess as she loves cha soba. What she gets from the Japanese stall in school is only soba. Yes, they have a Japanese stall in school! Isn't she ever-so lucky??

This organic tofu is my favourite choice whenever I make cold tofu. It is so smooth and it just glides down the throat. Love it! Unfortunately I wasn't prepared and forgot to pick up some bonito flakes to garnish it with.

Bff brought along a little gift of 'Black as Chocolate" ice-cream, all the way from Taiwan. Her cousin-in-law is a partner in this cake business and she sometimes brings goodies when she comes home for a visit. Lucky us get to try this. Read more about them here.

What lovely packaging.

The box comes with a spoon. How thoughtful, you can eat on the go, but I think the portion is too big for one person.

Look at all the yummy chocolate bits!

Verdict - I thought it was yummy with all the little bits of chocolate. Princess of course loved every bit of it, but hubby thought it was only so-so, as it was not creamy enough for him.


Miz Young said...

THANK YOU FOR A LOVELY DAY!!! I got to have a lovely lunch, see my other BFF and also put my feet up for a few hours!

Next up - another cake from Taiwan!

HK Choo said...


Lucky princess for having such a choice at the school canteen, doubt we'll ever hear of that here.

SIG said...

Thanks Missy!

HK - Thanks *blush*. Yes, she's very lucky!