Sunday, January 31, 2010

My first (cheater's) Tiger bento

Tiger bentos have been appearing on bento blogs since a few weeks' ago. I'm a little slow in that aspect, as I have been lazy. My bento preparation is now limited to the weekend only.

This bento was prepared for yesterday's lunch. I usually pack her lunch to ballet class and right after it, she will eat it there before we make our way home. Class usually ends around 2.30, so Sat lunches are very late. In the bento, I cut up some kyuri and dragonfruit and used some picks to secure them. I made an onigiri with a filling of teriyaki minced pork & shredded carrots. Those onigiri were wrapped within the animal wrappers. Aren't they cute? The two extra ones were for her friends. In her bento, I also packed a lotus paste bun but was in too much of a rush to decorate it.


HK Choo said...

This I would call it as resourceful, not cheating at all. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Did you get this animal wrappers at Daiso? Very cute, no matter how many times I see it.

javapot said...

'cheat' or not, stil v cute.

SIG said...

Hahah HK thanks.

Yes lcom, they are from Daiso. Very pretty, right?

javapot - Thanks dearie!