Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Eighth Birthday, dear Princess.

My princess is 8! The past year has just passed in the blink of an eye. I remember my tribute to her last year and reading through it again, I don't seem to have anything more to add to what I already wrote last year so I will let the pictures do the talking.

A month before her birthday, her godma and I were out shopping one day, and she spotted these plain canvas bags which she wanted to get for her eldest boy's birthday, a gift for his classmates. She was so excited and had all these plans for it, but upon reaching home, she was told by said son that he didn't want to give any goody bags to his classmate. He asked for a simple one with sweets and that was all he wanted. I decided to take over the bags she had and the original plan wasn't to sew on them, but when I spotted one which she made for another goddaughter, I asked her if she would help me write out the names. She offered to sew a few and that's how this project began. Together, we made 31 bags, personalised for each and every child in the class, as well as, the teacher.

Now, I absolutely hate sewing. I am neat and I do sew well, according to my home economics teacher during my Secondary school days, but believe you me, I just do not like it. I used to pass on my sewing class projects to my aunt or grandma and they would do them for me. Hehe. I bet many of you are also guilty of that. ;P So imagine having to sew so many bags, and worse of all, having to use my brains thinking of creative designs for all. Argh! I'm sure you can feel the love by now... :) I told myself that it is for a worthwhile cause, and that it is a very practical gift from the heart, as the girls will not be in the same class come next year. At least, this is a souvenir which will remind them of their days together. The best part is that it can hold the coloured files which they need to bring to school once in a while.

Couldn't resist this duvet cover with Cinnamoroll, her favourite Sanrio character. So kawaii, right? ;)

I didn't have the chance to take photos of all of them, so these below are some of the presents she got for her birthday. Thank you dear friends for all the lovely gifts.

My wish for her this year, is that she continues to be healthy, beautiful and happy. I see a lot more confidence in her this year and am glad to see that she really enjoys being in Primary Two. She has become more independent, but most times, she still loves to remain as mummy's baby. :) I pray that she will continue to do well at school so that this mummy will have less to worry about. Haha. Finally, I wish her all the best in her upcoming ballet exams and with her newfound confidence, may she finally get the 'distinction' that is easily within her grasp. Happy birthday, darling.


Miz Young said...

sigh. They grow quickly, don't they? I'm glad we're blessed to be able to share all their quirky moments and be around for them (most of the time!)

Thank you for "sharing" your baby with me, too! Love you!!

Beau Lotus said...

Bon anniversaire to Princess!

And amazing the number of bags you've decorated - all the effort! Isn't she a lucky girl? :-)

HK Choo said...

Extremely lucky princess to have such a doting mom and godma.

Happy Birthday to your Princess, albeit such a late note.

SIG said...

Miz Young - You are most welcome. :D

Beau Lotus - Thank you, my dear. Haha, she is!

HK - Thanks!