Monday, December 28, 2009


A little stocking which she made at an art camp for Santa to stuff things with. Below is the haul from the stockings: 2 doggies, chocolates, lolly, a Moo water bottle, erasers, stickers, Pokemon cards.

Oh, what big teeth you have reindeer... the better to eat apples with my dear! Oops, we ran out of carrots and celery but we found out that reindeer eat apples too! Why, may you ask, are the apples and cookies enclosed in tupperware containers?? Cos in this part of the world, there are such things as ants *shudder*. For those who know me, you should know I am paranoid about them so not one can live in my home.

This was what Santa brought... the latest electronic Monopoly... cashless system.

She got more Pokemon cards as part of her presents.

Ahh... the Sanrio cum Japanese product gift corner... it's like everyone knew her likes. Tks all! There were some other gifts but I think I deleted the pictures by mistake hahaha. Oh well.

The poor trees.


Miz Young said...
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Little Corner of Mine said...

Very Nice! That's lots of gifts! She must be a happy girl. :)