Monday, December 28, 2009

Of recycled gifts

Every year at this time, I'm usually seething from the insincerity of a certain person. Christmas gift-giving is not a must, but it makes the kids happy. However, for many years now, in fact for all the years since my girl was born, there's a certain person whose gifts make my blood boil. I feel that she shouldn't even bother giving us things, and it's not like we're hard up for them. In fact, it will make me feel better that way. Presents were opened on Christmas morning but the blood boiling reaches a crescendo a few days later, thus this need to bare it all out here, just to get it out of my system.

I approve of recycling of gifts to a certain extent. However, the gifts we often receive from said person are often (from my experience) at least 10 yrs old, and some even have price tags from departmental stores which existed on our shores maybe 15yrs back. Oh come on, if you really do not want to spend money on gifts, there is no need to give one each from child, parents and the grandparents. I'm happy even receiving a brand new item from Daiso, which only costs $2!

I believe our side of the family is the only one who receives old recycled gifts, as I do not think she will do that to her friends' kids and her own family. Me, my sister and cousin gets them too. It is very sad and I used to be really affected previous years when my child would receive a used story book, browned and old, and other crappy stuff. This year we had a nice photoframe but upon closer inspection, it had mould on the glass. She also received a letter writing set which had 2 sheets of paper and 1 envelope left. There was a brand new crayon set which I thought would be her saving grace, but when I opened it this morning, the rubber band had melted away, so what gives? Why do people do such things?? I feel so upset because I do put in loads of effort searching for gifts for people, and I do spend on her family too, from her mum to her and her hubby to her kids. Usually, once her gifts are opened, into the bin they go. How pathetic is that?! This year her mum gave me a mug whose box had browned bits of mould. Why do they even bother? They do not need to give 3 items from their family where 1 item from all is sufficient.

I don't believe she does that to her niece who had huge gigantic stockings full of gifts. Is this what being family is about? Dumping old unwanted things on? I mean they aren't even brand new recycled gifts, but historic items! I feel sometimes that I want to bring it up to the husband. I'm sure he doesn't know what happens at Christmas but I could never do that. I'm too nice for that. So meanwhile, let me wallow in self-pity, till next year when the next influx of historical artefacts descend upon our home.


Miz Young said...


sohcool said...

Huh? Such people exist?
Over here, the tradition is to open the gifts right away in front of the person. Next year, do that so that everyone can see the gifts she offered you.
Cheer up.

SIG said...

A - I think that is an excellent idea!

May Shann said...

so annoying......

Shazz said...

no recycled stuff for me this year!! But feel sorry for you :( And thanks for the fat lamb, that was the only prezzie I got & I love it :D

Beau Lotus said...

I bought an expensive new gift for my SIL and she said she didn't like it. So we gave her a 100-euro check instead. How about that?

For family, I usually try to find out what they would like and I will try to give them at least 2 gifts each - one they wanted and one that I would like to give them.

This year, MIL for the 1st time gave me something - a Staub pot I asked for. That after 10 years in the family. I think my good friends had been more generous.

On my wedding, one of my cousins offered me a chain in a Lee Hwa box. It turned out not to be made of gold - and that I found out after I had bad rashes all over my neck! I'd rather she just give me a card then make me suffer with her fake jewellery.

It is scary that people like that exist. Part of the fun in giving is in the giving. If only they would understand that. I agree that you should open the gifts in front of them the next time!