Monday, December 28, 2009

Compliments of the Season

A belated Christmas to all. How was your Christmas? For us, it was mostly attending parties and for the first time ever, I did not cook a Christmas dinner. The first party we attended on Christmas Eve was at my uncle's place and I did not prepare anything for it.

For another party the day after, I made 4 desserts, one of which was made with ready swiss roll which I just decorated using fresh cream & some toppers. Gosh I didn't take photos of the tiramisu and I think I accidentally deleted the photo with the bread n butter pudding as well as the apple crumble pie. Ooops.

When princess first heard that there was no Christmas dinner at home, she kicked up a big fuss with big tears. I managed to convince her to attend the dinner at her godparents' place in the end, with much coaxing. Lesson learnt - must have Christmas dinner at home next year. And hopefully my sis will be back too.

We've been really stuffed this Christmas and it didn't help that it was my dad's birthday yesterday and we went out for dinner at Szechuan Court at Fairmont Hotel. The portions were huge and we were all 'suffering' after the meal. It was a 7-course+1 dinner and we were stuffed by the 5th course!

Below are some gifts I baked as Christmas giveaways.


Miz Young said...

Thank you dearest friend, for the baking and the love you put in it! Love love love the cookies (which I hid in MY room heeheh) and the desserts you brought to our party. Everyone enjoyed everything so thank you very much!! Love ya! xxx

Shazz said...

I'll try to be there this Christmas :)