Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weekday bbq

Wow, just looking at the date... has it really been almost a month since I did my last posting?? Well, I've been busy. Friends have been asking me to update my blog but really, I haven't had the time nor the mood with so much on my hands. But I have to confess too, that I've been playing lots with my pet on pets society in facebook. Hehe.

It has been an activity-filled Nov and Dec, what with graduation, picnics, parties and gatherings etc. KY & A called for an impromptu Tuesday evening bbq at their place. I know, I know, I have been complaining for years that they live too far away. I still think they live too far away! They must come back to the East now! However, who could resist a weekday bbq which promised to be a small gathering of family. Even small is not that small as their family alone makes 8, not including the in-laws. I managed to get my cleaner to change to another day to come over, and hubby happened to be working in the vicinity of their home, so it was really a perfect day for the gathering. KY and I have been friends since Pre-U days and I really thank God for her, for her wonderful friendship and everything that we have gone through together. We were very blessed that entire day with beautiful weather, no sun and no rain.

I think these were black pepper sausages.

Sotong (Cuttlefish) spicy and non-spicy

We had grilled asparagus.

Sambal & Plain Selar

Otah otah and prawns

Tau kua (I didn't try this)

We also had Fried Bee Hoon and bacon-wrapped bananas but by that time, I was too tired to be taking photos. Just wanted to sit down and eat. However, I did make potato salad which was very popular and it was gone very quickly. I'm happy. :)


Miz Young said...

Yo, girlfriend! Alas, I tried making the potato salad for Brandon but he said "it's not the same!!!" so looks like you have to teach me how to make it step by step lol

thanks for coming... I know it's like travelling to JB lol but I appreciate it! I promise we'll move back to the East as soon as the boys are in NS hahahahahha ok la, maybe earlier than that....

Carrie said...

Helo Helo!

Can share the recipe for potatoe salad?? Cos my family loves starchy food, esp my dad! wanna try to make them!

Thanks in advance!

SIG said...

Miz Young - Hahaha, cos mine is 'made with love'! Ok you mean Brandon NS? I can handle that. :P

Carrie - Sure thing, I plan to update with recipe soon.

Carrie said...


Okie, thanks thanks in advance!!


petite fleur said...

Otak-otak my favorite. I'm so going to OD on them when I'm back in Singapore.