Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Art Boot Camp

We were invited to an Art Boot Camp party and it was lots of fun for the kids. It was something different from the usual parties that we've attended. It engages kids in something that they all love - painting. And best part is parents don't have to do a thing. We just mingled, chatted, ate. There were beautiful canvas (done by the kids) to take home as gifts.

Some of the childrens' artwork.

I do highly recommend this party venue for anyone planning a party.

Art Boot Camp


200 Turf Club Road #01-23A, Turf City
Singapore 287994
(across from Sixth Avenue. Off Dunearn Road)

Tel: 6469 5525/5535


Miz Young said...

This looked really fun! Lincoln (the guy who owns ABC) is a friend of Cuz but I still think it's a little Ex!! Plus location not so good either.... Still the kids really had fun didn't they?

SIG said...

Miz Young - I know, is ex. :( Can get discount? :P It was very fun for them but I think the Turf City one looks more fun.