Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I can't believe that my little girl has graduated from kindergarten, and is about to embark on a new chapter in her life. Time flies by so fast, and I find this year especially so. It was with mixed feelings that I attended the graduation ceremony. Happy that she is all grown up, but sad that there's no more time for play. Happy that she is finally leaving the school, but sad that it's time to say goodbye to friends, even for mummy. I don't think the children feel it as much as the adults do. I'm going to miss my group of mums who will now be moving to other parts of Singapore. No doubt we'd be in constant touch, but it'd be tough to get together so often as timings of schools differ, and our Friday morning gatherings will be a thing of the past. :(

This year's graduation ceremony was nothing more than just a ceremony for the K2s. There wasn't any concert planned. Just a simple handing out of certificate ceremony, followed by a performance of 2 songs by the K2 kids (one in English and the other in Mandarin). And then it was off to the park, a stone's throw from the school for a picnic and a fun time for the kids. We were really disappointed initially about the lack of concert but I guess the kids did have a great time outdoors. There was plenty of food but I didn't manage to take any photos of them.

Posters made by the younger children in the school for their graduating seniors. How sweet.

Princess' current classroom. It's my favourite room in the 3yrs she was there. It's the hugest in the entire school. They often house the many classes of kids when they have movie days etc.

Her cubby.


Jori said...

Congratulations to wee Princess for 'graduating' kindergarten!

No worries, Mom - she's not quite all grown up still have many more years to enjoy before she is really grown.

It is an exciting time for Princess, though, I am sure!

Shazz said...

How time flies! I can still remember the very 1st time I laid eyes on her-she was so tiny.And now she's all grown up. It's a new chapter in both ur lives..enjoy it :) can't wait to see her in her new uniform!!!

SIG said...

Jori - Haha, thanks. Yes, it is an exciting time for her I'm sure.

Shazz - Tell me about it! Yup, you can see her in uniform soon.