Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jacob Ballas Childrens' Garden

We had a outing to the Botanic Gardens with two mums and their kids. It's only my second time visiting Jacob Ballas but it was too crowded the first time round, as it was some special occasion, opening of the park of something. Maybe KY can jolt my memory. We didn't get to explore a lot of the park the last time as the weather was hot as well. However, on this day, the weather was fantastic! Not much sun and a little cloudy but no rain either. But even so, princess came home with sunburnt shoulders. I had forgotten to bring along the sunblock.

A mini suspension bridge.

Our picnic food - brought by one of the mums. I only brought along the fishballs and can't remember what the other thing was. We had a brunch feast. I didn't even realise food was not allowed in there if I hadn't read about it in Camemberu's blog.

This is the highlight of the park - the water play. They had loads of fun and refused to go home.


Miz Young said...

hahah yup, it was the official opening of the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden that we went to... and they had a ball on the giant trampoline thingy remember?

Loads of fun!

Beau Lotus said...

Thanks for sharing, I must try to remember to visit this garden when we next visit Singapore.

SIG said...

miz young - Yes, the trapeze thingy. Mine was scared though.

beau - You must, and if we have the time and it coincides with holidays, we can join you. :)